Hi, I'm Jay Sterling and I want YOUR PARTY to be the best one that you and your guests have ever been to! That's what we do. Your guests will walk into the room to "The best band they've ever heard!" and then experience lovely dinner music which then flows into party! party! party! And they'll be thrilled as they dance the night away.

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Reading the crowd on a moment-to-moment basis is the key to a dance floor that's full and throbbing all night long. That's our specialty. You want a GREAT PARTY and so do we! So, leave nothing to chance. Experience counts.

If you're having a discussion about "DJ vs. Band", we have the perfect answer. Our band comes with our own DJ embedded right into it when band is 8 pieces or more. The music never stops but flows from band set into DJ set and back again- each with its own energetic offerings. And if you like, you can keep the DJ past the contracted time for the band. Or, continue both. Wow! The best of both worlds is yours with the Jay Sterling Band.

If sophistication is paramount in your planning, consider the addition of the Sterling String section to the band. This opens up an additional world of musical possibilities.

Experience counts! Experience the best and dance the night away!

Many thanks!